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P rofessionalism

R elationships

E xcellence

D ream

I ntegrity

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T eamwork

Our Corporate values guide the way we do business and the way we interact with our clients and each other. That way, you can P.R.E.D.I.C.T. what to expect when you deal with us.

About Us

We are YIB, a Leading Qld Business Insurance Broker.

Your Insurance Broker Pty Ltd, under the leadership of Managing Director Winston Johnston, commenced operations in 1992 from a cozy Maleny office. By March 2001, the company transitioned to its bespoke premises in Caloundra, located on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. Registered as a General Insurance Broker since its inception in 1992, the firm was honored with a Financial Services Licence in 2004. Dedicated to serving Queensland’s business community and property owners, Your Insurance Broker extends top-tier insurance advice and broking solutions. Our team, with a cumulative experience of over 120 years, is committed to delivering the excellence our clients expect.

Why do you need a Steadfast Insurance Broker?

A Steadfast Broker knows that it’s not just business, it’s personal. So when it comes to protecting your business and assets, nothing is more important than working with a professional you know and trust and who is equipped to give you the best advice for your needs.

We give you peace of mind.

By knowing your general insurance needs, rest assured you are being taken care of by a team of professionals who are sincere about the success of their business. We specialise in providing a full general insurance service, as well as providing advice and strategies in risk management.


Leveraging years of industry experience, our business insurance service is committed to safeguarding the financial stability of companies, allowing them to operate with confidence and peace of mind.


Our professional services insurance is meticulously crafted to cater to the unique risks and challenges encountered by professionals, ensuring they are protected against unforeseen liabilities and setbacks.


Harnessing deep industry expertise, our transport insurance is dedicated to ensuring the continuous movement and safety of goods and passengers, allowing transport providers to navigate their routes with assurance and serenity.


Drawing on deep industry insights, our manufacturing business insurance is dedicated to preserving the financial health of manufacturing entities, enabling them to produce with assurance and tranquility.


Our construction insurance is expertly crafted to tackle the unique hazards and challenges inherent to the building industry, ensuring projects remain on track even when faced with unforeseen obstacles.


Leveraging extensive industry knowledge, our property insurance is dedicated to preserving the financial and structural well-being of properties, allowing owners to enjoy their investments with confidence and tranquility.

Meet The YIB Team

Steve Hind

Director, Senior Account Executive & Responsible Manager. Steve has close to 40 years’ experience in the Insurance Industry, with over 25 of those as a team member, and is one of the partners at YIB. Prior to YIB, Steve worked for SGIO/Suncorp gaining valuable experience with Insurance Underwriting and Claims. Using his wealth of knowledge, Steve has built longstanding relationships with YIB Team Members, Clients and Industry Peers. Steve’s has a passion for getting claims paid and keeping everyone he deals with happy and satisfied with each and every interaction. Over time this has built solid foundations for trust and integrity, 2 critical factors for success as an enduring Professional in the Financial Services Industry.

Ian Ferris

Director, Senior Account Manager. I have been part of the YIB Team now for more than 25 years following on from my experience as an Insurance Underwriter. I thrive on building client relationships and developing a level of trust that simply makes insurance easy for our clients, whilst maintaining highly respectful relationships with insurer partners. Having an Insurance structure set correctly from the first opportunity is how we get insurance to work for you when you need it most, claims are the delivery of the promise, and we pride ourselves in managing these claims for our clients to ensure the best possible outcome. Delivering insurance service that is second to none and seeing the claims through to fruition is why we have clients that have been with us still, for more than 30 years. Developing an incredibly successful and positive culture within our team with my business partners is hugely rewarding and something we are enormously proud of. We simply invite you to experience the new standard in Insurance Broking.

Emily Radmall - Account Executive

Emily joined the YIB team in 2011 after completing a degree in Property Economics and Development. Emily manages a large portfolio consisting of a broad range of occupations, focusing on the Construction & Mining industries, Complex Retail Risks, Hard-to-place risks, Commercial Property Owners and both Residential & Commercial Strata. Emily prioritises building relationships with her clients and finds this a highlight of her role as an Account Executive. Emily enjoys a challenge in the workplace and carries this into her personal life by participating in competitive sports.

Katelind Jensen - Account Executive

Katelind joined the team at Your Insurance Broker in 2013. With a background in accounting and a degree in the field. Katelind brings a deep understanding of companies' financial intricacies to her role. Prior to venturing into insurance, she honed her skills as an accountant, recognising the pivotal role of tailored insurance in safeguarding businesses against potential claims. Katelind is not just an expert in financial protection but is also experienced in operating a Business in a management role, and all the skills she has at her disposal contribute to providing personalised high-level service, developing trust and engaging in long-term professional relationships with her clients.

Abbey Elgar -Account Executive

Abbey is an experienced Account Executive and can assist with all aspects of commercial insurance, specialising in Mid-Market risks, SME including Motor Trades, Construction, Industrial operations including Mining, Manufacturers, Wholesalers and Complex Liability risks.    Abbey has been with YIB since February of 2014, having started her Insurance Broking career in 2007 working in the Northern Territory.  It was in that role that Abbey developed a knack for all things challenging and unique which still drives her passion for insurance today.  Abbey invests herself heavily into understanding the in’s and out’s of her clients businesses and striving for the best possible results.   

Katrina Halliday - Account Executive

Katrina is a highly motivated and results-driven Account Executive with a solid background in the insurance broking industry. Since 2003, she has consistently provided tailored advice to clients, leveraging her deep understanding of various businesses, occupations, and industries. Building long-term relationships with her clients is Katrina's passion, and she thrives on the challenge of addressing their unique needs.

Joining YIB in 2021, Katrina has quickly established herself as a trusted advocate for her clients. With a laser focus on their best interests, she ensures that every recommendation she makes aligns with their specific goals and objectives. Katrina's dedication to delivering exceptional service has earned her a reputation for going above and beyond for her clients.

Katrina holds her Diploma in Insurance Broking and actively pursues ongoing professional & personal development opportunities to stay at the forefront of industry trends. Her commitment to continual growth not only benefits her clients but also endears herself as a valuable asset to the YIB team.

Zoey Parfrement - Account Executive Assistant

Since joining YIB in December 2021, Zoe has been working as an Account Executive Assistant for two of our Senior Account Managers, with an incredible passion for getting things done correctly whilst also being highly efficient within our team and for our clients. Zoey’s previous experience was in a Builders office that specialised in Insurance claims which allowed her to gain a wealth of knowledge from a claim perspective. Understanding how claims work first, provides an enormous advantage to Brokers when structuring cover appropriately with quality products and managing the subsequent claims for our clients. Successfully managing claims for our clients is something Zoey finds enormously rewarding. Zoey completed her Tier 1 qualifications in Insurance Broking in her first years with YIB, in addition to having previously completed a Bachelor of Commerce (Majoring in Financial Planning and Accounting). Zoey has found a strong passion for the Insurance Broking Industry (again as for most of us, after falling into the industry) and is committed to providing our clients with the highest level of customer service whilst building and maintaining long term relationships with our clients. Zoey relishes the opportunity to consume additional knowledge from our team and seeks every opportunity to develop her personal and professional skill set.

Brooke Battiston - Account Executive Assistant

Whilst Brooke has only been part of the insurance industry and YIB Team since 2022, she has absolutely been the proverbial ‘duck to water’ example of finding somewhere she belongs. Brooke has consistently demonstrated and applied her very high level of intelligence in what she has learned in a very short time and delivers a very genuine desire to achieve all she can for the YIB Team as a whole and our clients. A lot of people literally ‘fall’ into the Insurance Industry and YIB are very lucky to have been the ones to ‘catch’ Brooke and provide her a path on which she excels. She has grown very rapidly into now supporting our high-volume Account Managers with exceptional efficiency and vigour in all she applies herself to.

Kimberley Robb - Account Executive Assistant

Kimberley has been part of the YIB family since September 2022 after a number of years’ studying Law. She has been working alongside one of our Senior Assistants who is transitioning to retirement and has subsequently moved on to supporting one of our Senior Account Managers. Moving from studying Law to working in a busy Insurance Broking office has certainly been a substantial change of direction, pace and outlook which Kimberley has enjoyed immensely as the knowledge and skills build in what is a very diverse industry and where no two clients are the same. Whilst there is much to learn in a short time, Kimberley is relishing the challenge of building a career in insurance within our team that looks after many businesses on the Sunshine Coast and well beyond. Outside of work, Kimberley enjoys reading, gym, hiking and spending time with family and friends.

Laura Carr - Account Executive

Laura has been part of the YIB team since 2018 and is an experienced Account Executive with Diplomas in General Insurance and Broking as well as a Graduate Diploma in Insurance.  Having started her insurance career in 2001, Laura brings with her international experience from her time working abroad in London, Canada and New Zealand as well local experience in the Australian industry with broking, underwriting and claims.  During her time working for insurance companies in underwriting and claims Laura developed her skills in analysing policy coverage and claims management and now uses that to our client’s benefit especially at claims time.  Laura is passionate about providing high level personalised service and building long term relationships with her clients.

Amelia Pedrolini

Amelia is an experienced insurance broker with 12+ years in the industry. After starting in banking and finance, she discovered her passion for assisting clients with insurance needs and completed a Diploma in Insurance Broking. Amelia has lived across Queensland, providing her with a great understanding of the needs of YIB’s regional clients. She enjoys the outdoors, travelling, visiting art galleries to nurture her creative side, and walking Missy, her friend's dog. As a broker, Amelia takes time to understand each client's needs to recommend tailored insurance solutions, whether that be for commercial, liability, vehicles or equipment policies  Amelia’s success comes from building lasting relationships with clients based on trust and exceptional service. She simplifies the complex insurance process with a personable approach, wide experience, and dedication to finding the right product. She aims to make insurance easy, providing peace of mind and protection.

Shariah Steele - Account Executive Assistant


“We first utilised the services of YIB through a personal relationship with Steve Hind that dates back 30 odd years. Initially our dealings were for our personal requirements, but as our own business developed over the years, Steve and YIB have more than kept pace, and have always provided appropriate insurance advice and cover to ensure all our needs are met. Indeed their service goes above our requests, with them anticipating additional insurance requirements, and advising us accordingly. Any claims that have been lodged have been dealt with very promptly and efficiently, with a positive outcome for us on each occasion.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Steve and all his team for their ongoing personalised service to our family and business, and would assure any person or business that is looking for a top-rate representative for their insurance work, that they need look no further than YIB.”

We at APF personally recommend YIB Insurance & Claims Management to our friends and colleagues. YIB has provided our company with the most excellent care and service for over 15 years, doing all the ‘grunt’ work and sorting our multiple claims for us to get them completed in a timely fashion. Just recently YIB have helped complete a major claim after a devastating fire, caused by lightening, which enabled APF to continue with business as per usual. All this time YIB has been fully supportive and committed to our business, making sure of APF’s success. We look forward to many more years working with YIB. Yours faithfully,”